CPC and CE Certified

Introducing Goodevas Certificates - your assurance of quality and safety. Our products are proudly CPC and CE certified, meeting stringent standards for consumer safety and compliance. Shop with confidence knowing that your satisfaction and well-being are our top priorities.

1. Triangle Ladder

2. Arch

3. Slide

4. Net

5. Snake

6. Swedish Wall

7. Playground

8. Playhouse

9. Cushion for Climbing Arch

10. Bookshelf

11. Toy shelf

12. Lego Sorter

13. Seesaw

14. Horse Rope Swing

15. Growing Chair

European CE

Certification in EU

Riga Wood ECOlogical

Riga ECOlogical

Test Reports

1. General Test Report

2. Test Report for Arch Pillow

3. Test Report for Book Shelf

4. Test Report for Toy Shelf

5. Test Report for Lego Sorter

6. Test Report for Swing Balancer

7. Test Report for Swing Horse

Some description

8. Test Report for Step Stool